Thursday, October 1, 2015

October 2015 Speaking Engagements

This weekend, I'll be at Silicon Valley Code Camp in San Jose, CA. Nothing else planned for the rest of October, but you never know what will pop up.

Saturday & Sunday, October 3 & 4, 2015
Silicon Valley Code Camp
San Jose, CA
o DI Why? Getting a Grip on Dependency Injection
o Learn the Lingo: Design Patterns

This will be my 4th trip up to the Silicon Valley Code Camp. I'm looking forward to seeing some old friends and meeting a lot of new people. There is always a huge spread of technologies, so regardless of what language or stack you work on, you'll find something relevant to you. In addition, it's a great place to explore technologies you don't normally work with.

I'll be giving 2 talks: Dependency Injection and Design Patterns. These are 2 topics that I really love to share. Most people are introduced to them a bit backwards, and so they miss out on the great things that they offer. We'll take an easy run-up -- showing the basics in an approachable way. But we'll ramp things up to see the real power offered.

A Look Back
I had a great time speaking in September. I visited 2 user groups in the Phoenix area (North West Valley .NET User Group and South West Valley .NET User Group) and had a lot of fun. It was great to spend time with my friends in the area and also get to know some folks a bit better.

In addition, I spoke at a corporate event in Irvine, CA, and had a chance to share about Clean Code, Defensive Coding, and Dependency Injection.

Here's a few pictures that people were nice enough to take and tweet out during my stay in the Phoenix area:

Jeremy breaks out the banjo at NWVDNUG
NWVDNUG in Glendale, AZ - Jeremy talks about Task, Await, and Asynchronous Programming
SEVDNUG in Chandler, AZ - Jeremy typing frantically to show the coolness of Unit Testing
I also had a chance to give a quick sales pitch for Becoming a Social Developer:

SEVDNUG - Jeremy talks about Becoming a Social Developer
When you're at developer events, whether a user group, code camp, or conference, take advantage of the time to talk to the developers around you. We all get better by sharing our experiences. If you haven't checked out the website yet, be sure to do it now: Also be sure to share your ideas on how to spread the word to other developers and encourage them to join in.

A Look Ahead
I've got a few exciting things coming up after October. In November, I'm speaking at Visual Studio Live in Orlando, FL. The folks at SEVDNUG got a preview of one of my talks ("Unit Testing Makes Me Faster: Convincing Your Boss, Your Co-Workers, and Yourself"), and I want to give a big thanks to Barry Stahl, J. Michael Palermo, and Justin James for hanging around to give me feedback. The fine-tuning will make the talk even more awesome.

And this week, I found out that I've been accepted as a speaker at CodeMash in January. I've heard really great things about that event, and I'm looking forward to going out to Ohio and meeting a whole new slew of people.

I hope to see you at an event in the future. And if you want me to come to your event, just drop me a note, and we'll see what we can work out.

Happy Coding!

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