Monday, April 6, 2015

New Video: Lambda Expression Basics

I just started a new video series based on my presentation Learn to Love Lambdas (and LINQ, Too!). LINQ is one of my favorite tools in C#, and lambda expressions play a key role in using LINQ methods.

Lambdas & LINQ in C# - Part 1: Lambda Expression Basics
In part 1 of the series, we take a look at the syntax of lambda expressions and how to create anonymous delegates. In addition, we look at captured variables which allows us to scope our variables more appropriately.

Watch Part 1 on YouTube (or here):

Future episodes will take a look at how to read and understand the signatures of LINQ methods. This allows us to use LINQ effectively in our code.

Coming Soon!
Part 2: Demystifying LINQ Methods -- 04/12/2015: NOW AVAILABLE!
Part 3: Declarative Programming with LINQ -- 04/14/2015: NOW AVAILABLE!
Plus, bonus episodes that look at the Join method syntax and the dangers of using captured variables with "for" loops.

Lots of good information coming. If you can't wait for the information, be sure to check out the PDF walkthroughs and articles available here: Learn to Love Lambdas (and LINQ, Too!).

Happy Coding!

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