Monday, April 20, 2015

New Video: Captured Variables & for Loops

Captured variables are a really cool feature of lambda expressions. But it can also be dangerous if we try to capture the indexer of a "for" loop.

In my latest video, we take a look at the problem that we run into when we try to capture an indexer. And we'll also see how easy it is to get around the problem. There's just one thing we need to keep in mind:
The value of a captured variable is the value at the time it is used, not the value at the time it is captured.
And if you need a reminder of what captured variables are, be sure to check out Part 1 of the Lambdas & LINQ series: Lambda Expression Basics.

If you'd rather read about this problem (and solution), check out this article: Lambda Expressions, Captured Variables, and for Loops: A Dangerous Combination.

Otherwise, watch it here (or on YouTube):

There's also a playlist to watch all of the videos in the series: Lambda Expressions and LINQ in C#.

For more links, articles, and to find the code on GitHub, check out Learn to Love Lambdas (and LINQ, Too) on my website.

Let me know if you like the videos. If so, there will be lots more coming. But don't worry, the articles will keep coming as well. Some people like text, and some people like video. I'm glad to provide both where I can.

Happy Coding!

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