Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Jeremy Talks with Steve Bishop about TDD

Today I had the opportunity to talk with Steve Bishop on his YouTube channel. Steve gave me the chance to show some code and talk about using TDD in a real-world scenario -- in this case, creating a class that gets data from a service.

You can watch it on YouTube: Real-Time Coding with Jeremy Clark - Test Driven Development

Or you can watch it here:

The code is taken from a talk (and hopefully soon-to-be-produced video series) which shows a few of my struggles with adopting TDD. It's easy to get stuck when we try to do things in a particular order. There are certain things that are difficult to unit test, and sometimes we need to skip over them and get on to other things.

If you'd like to download the code, you can visit my website: Test Driven Development in the Real World.

The code download has 3 states: (1) the starting code (if you'd like to follow along), (2) the "minimal" completion state, which is how we left the code at the end of this video (more or less), and (3) a fully-completed state that has all of the methods and has been refactored into a few different classes. This is just one option for completing the task. The specifics always depend on the needs of our particular application.

Also, if you'd like to take a closer look at exception handling (as mentioned in the video), take a look at this video on my channel: TDD Debugging and Testing Exceptions.

A big thanks to Steve for hosting me on his show. I'll look forward to doing it again in the future.

Happy Coding!

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