Friday, November 4, 2016

Jeremy Chats with Scott Nimrod (Bizmonger)

Scott Nimrod (@Bizmonger) and I had a conversation earlier this week. We talked about a number of things, including living as an introvert, code quality, developer ego, and functional programming. It was a pretty long conversation (close to 2 hours), but we shared some great ideas.

You can watch it on YouTube: Talking to Jeremy about software craftsmanship and F#.

Or you can watch it here:

I met Scott at NDC London back in January, but I first heard from him in September last year when he left a comment on the .NET Rocks episode that I was on: Becoming a Social Developer with Jeremy Clark. I still remember Carl Franklin coming up to me at NDC London and saying that I needed to meet Scott.

We just had a brief conversation then (and we've had some Twitter chats since then), but it was great to talk at length this week. If you'd like to share in two developers talking about stuff, then be sure to take a listen.

Happy Coding!

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