Monday, October 24, 2016

Jeremy on Developer On Fire (Again)

I had the chance to talk to Dave Rael again for the Developer On Fire podcast. This time, I got to talk about "Becoming a Social Developer". Listen to it here: Episode 175.

"Becoming a Social Developer" is a bit of an accidental movement that I started last year based on my experiences. I had a great conversation with Dave, and we talked about 3 aspects of talking to other developers:

o How I got started talking to other developers.
o The response from attendees at developer events.
o Some great outcomes from people who have joined the movement.

I'm hoping to have lots more stories in the future. If you've had a great experience (or even a challenging one), I'd love to hear your stories so I can pass the along. We all get better together.

Listen Now

Developer On Fire Episode 175: Jeremy Clark - Not Who I Am But How I Behave

Last year, I had a great chat with Dave Rael on Episode 012. It's interesting to look back at the tips I gave for delivering more value:
1. Understand your users.
2. Keep learning
3. Get involved in developer communities
As I look back, I see that I've really focused on these things over the last year. I gave a keynote at AIM hdc that was all about understanding your users (I'll also be giving this talk at NDC London in January).

In addition, I keep talking about learning and getting better with practice. This includes a lot of articles, including Don't Be Afraid to Show What You Don't Know.

And it's hard to turn around without hearing me talk about getting involved in developer communities -- which involves talking to other developers.

A big thank you to Dave Rael for giving me the opportunity to share some of the things that I'm really excited about. If you want to hear more great stories and advice from a variety of developers, be sure to subscribe to Developer On Fire.

Happy Coding!

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  1. What a great feeling to reflect and note that you are practicing what you preach! Awesome job Jeremy. I'm so glad we've connected and that I got to share your story and your accidental movement. You are doing good things for people in many ways and I'm happy to help play a part in it.