Thursday, October 20, 2016

Preview of Visual Studio LIVE! Orlando (coming December 2016)

I had a great opportunity to give a preview of my talks for Visual Studio LIVE! coming up in Orlando December 5 - 9, 2016. Visual Studio LIVE! is part of the larger LIVE! 360 event which consists of 6 co-located conferences. That's 6 events for the price of 1!

If you missed the live webcast (or just want to watch it again), take a look at the recording. It's free, you just need to give your name and email address: VSLive Orlando Preview.

In this webcast, I show how the syntax magic works for lambda expressions in C# and also give a preview of the power of LINQ (Language Integrated Query) -- we can easily sort, filter, and aggregate our data once we understand this. Session information: Learn to Love Lambdas (and LINQ, Too!)

Then we take a look at asynchronous methods with Task and await. These are both very powerful tools in C#. We see the basics of using a continuation (when we use Task directly) and the magic of "await" (where Task is hidden from us). In the full session, we take a look at cancellation, exception handling, and a few other useful things. Session information: I'll Get Back to You: Task, Await, and Asynchronous Methods.

Finally, I show how unit testing has made me a faster developer. This is just a brief overview of how unit tests help me confirm functionality, check regression, pinpoint bugs, and document the code. In the full presentation, look forward to code examples, videos, and other good stuff. Session information: Unit Testing Makes Me Faster: Convincing Your Boss, Your Co-Workers, and Yourself.

I'm really looking forward to heading back to Orlando to speak at Visual Studio LIVE! I had a really great time last year. I met a lot of great folks, and I'll have more great conversations in December.

If you'd to go and save a bit of money, use the code "LSPK17" when registering:

Hope to see you there!

Happy Coding!

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