Wednesday, March 9, 2016

More TDD Videos

I've recently published two more videos that explore Test-Driven Development a bit more. If you're new to TDD, then you might want to start with TDD Basics in C#.

The latest videos use the rules for Conway's Game of Life as the problem to be solved. I ran across Conway's Game of Life many years ago when I was first getting involved with computers, and the patterns have intrigued me ever since.
TDD: Don't Turn Off Your Brain
Test-Driven Development (TDD) lets our code develop out of our tests.  But this doesn't mean that we turn off our brain. We still need to make decisions on our design as we write our tests. In this video, we'll take some "bigger steps" with TDD to implement the rules for Conway's Game of Life. Along the way, we'll see the types of design decisions we need to keep in mind.
Watch the video on YouTube: TDD: Don't Turn Off Your Brain

Or watch it here:

To continue on with the code from Conway's Game of Life, we fix some bugs and test for exceptions.
TDD Debugging & Testing Exceptions
Test-Driven Development (TDD) lets our code develop out of our tests. But it is also extremely useful when we have to debug existing code. When we have a bug, we can first write a failing unit test, then write the code to get that test to pass. In addition to debugging, in this video, we'll see how we can test for exceptions in our tests. There are several approaches with different advantages.
Watch the video on YouTube: TDD Debugging & Testing Exceptions

Or watch it here:

For more articles on Conway's Game of Life and unit testing, take a look here: Coding Practice with Conway's Game of Life.

More videos on unit testing are on the way. Future topics will include using TDD with real-world applications, mocking, and testing asynchronous methods.

Happy Coding!

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