Tuesday, September 1, 2015

New Video: Consuming Asynchronous Methods

I just started a new video series on Task and Await in C#. This is based on my recent series of articles Exploring Task, Await, and Asynchronous Methods.

Part 1 is currently available. This is all about how to consume an asynchronous method. We look at both using Task manually and using await to let the compiler do the heavy lifting. This will give us a good start as we head into looking at exception handling, cancellation, and finding the gotchas along the way.

Direct link: Task and Await in C# - Part 1: Consuming Asynchronous Methods

Or watch it here:

You can get the code samples and view the printed articles here: Exploring Task, Await, and Asynchronous Methods.

Coming Soon:
Part 2: Basic Exception Handling now available!
Part 3: IsFaulted, IsCanceled, and Task.Status now available!
Part 4: Basic Cancellation now available!

Watch the entire series: Task and Await in C#

Happy Coding!

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