Thursday, July 9, 2015

Preview: Machine Learning Projects for .NET Developers

So, I just got my copy of Machine Learning Projects for .NET Developers by Mathias Brandewinder (Amazon link). I'm excited about this for 2 reasons: (1) machine learning has interested me for a long time, but always seemed out of reach, (2) Mathias is smart, funny, practical, and a good teacher.

But I got even more excited when I flipped through and saw what was on page 4:

Why does this look familiar? Oh yeah...

I've already worked with this data set. I found it when looking at machine learning projects, and I ended up writing an application that would change the raw data into displayable bitmaps.

Read more about it here: Coding Practice: Displaying Bitmaps from Pixel Data.

I'm looking forward to finally understanding the machine learning bits of this particular challenge.

Happy Coding!

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