Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pluralsight Learning Path: Getting to Great with C#

Pluralsight has a lot of courses (like hundreds and hundreds). So it can be daunting to figure out where you need to start. To help get people pointed in a direction that works for them, Pluralsight has a collection of Learning Paths that highlight a set of courses to help you meet a goal -- whether you're working toward certification or want to learn to build a particular type of application.

A new learning path was published today: Getting to Great with C#.

Getting to Great with C#
  • Object-Oriented Programming Fundamentals in C#
  • Defensive Coding in C#
  • Clean Code: Writing Code for Humans
  • C# Interfaces*
  • Abstract Art: Getting Things "Just Right"*
  • Dependency Injection On-Ramp*
  • SOLID Principles of Object Oriented Design
  • Design Patterns On-Ramp*
  • Design Patterns Library
Be sure to follow the link (here it is again)  to get the details on the goals of the learning path and descriptions of all the courses.

The really cool part: I authored 4 of these courses (marked with *). I've had courses included in other learning paths, but I'm excited and honored to have so many of my courses included in a single collection (plus, I know the other authors and courses, and I'm in very good company).

Happy Coding!

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