Friday, October 3, 2014

MVP Award 2014

Microsoft has honored me by renewing my MVP Award for Visual C# for another year. I got my 2014 "disk" today:

As you can tell, this is my 3rd year. If you're unfamiliar with the MVP program, Microsoft recognizes those people who are active in the development community (or, more broadly, the technical community -- the program covers much more than just the developer tools).

I've been recognized for my speaking engagements, videos, and articles -- helping developers expand their knowledge in the world of .NET. I consider this to be a great honor, and I've really enjoyed meeting other MVPs from around the world.

But even without this type of recognition, I would continue to do what I do. I love helping other developers. And what really keeps me going is watching people learn and knowing that I've made someone's job a little bit easier.

When you learn something useful, be sure to pass it on.

Happy Coding!

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