Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Pluralsight Course: Introduction to Localization and Globalization in .NET

My latest course is now available on Pluralsight: Introduction to Localization and Globalization in .NET.

Introduction to Localization and Globalization in .NET
We create the best experience for our users by communicating with them in a way that they understand. .NET provides robust localization and globalization features that allow us to create and deploy applications that adapt for different languages and cultures. We'll take a look at the basics and ready our applications to take on the world.
This course is all about how to prepare our applications to support different languages and cultures. We talk about the fundamentals of culture and the built-in .NET support including thread culture, localizable resource files, and satellite assemblies. A big part of the course is to take an existing application, prepare it for localization, and then apply different languages and cultures.

The world is getting smaller and smaller. Localization is not a complex topic, but it is a topic that many developers never think about. And there are a few "gotchas" out there the first time you localize an application. And if we think about localization while we're designing our application (rather than tacking it on when we're "done"), we'll have a much easier experience in getting localized resources and globalized formats into the app.

Thanks to My Translators
I want to give a big thanks to my translators. They were nice enough to provide me with translations of the strings that I needed for my application. And they haven't asked for anything in return (at least not yet).
Tomas Petricek Mathias Brandewinder Filip Ekberg Volkan Uzun
Tomas Petricek did the Czech localizations. He is the author of Real-World Functional Programming, and he is a Microsoft MVP for Visual F#. Visit him at and on Twitter @tomaspetricek.

Mathias Brandewinder did the French localizations. He speaks around the world on functional programming and machine learning, and he is also a Microsoft MVP for Visual F#. Visit him at and on Twitter @brandewinder.

Filip Ekberg did the Swedish localizations. He is author of C# Smorgasbord as well as a Pluralsight author and Microsoft MVP for Visual C#. Visit him at and on Twitter @fekberg

Volkan Uzun did the Turkish localizations. He works in the application security world and does wonders with integrating custom auth providers into SharePoint.

More Courses to Come
I've still got a couple more courses in the hopper. Right now, I'm working on Defensive Programming in C#. Look for this course to come out later this month.

Until then, be sure to check out Introduction to Localization and Globalization in .NET, and get ready to take on the world!

Happy Coding!

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