Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Learn To Love Lambdas

Lambda expressions can be confusing the first time you walk up to them. But once you get to know them, you’ll see that they are a great addition to your toolbox. Used properly, they can add elegance and simplicity to your code. And some .NET constructs (such as LINQ) lend themselves to lambda expressions. We’ll take a look at how lambda expressions work and see them in action.

Get It Here
You can get the walkthrough and sample code here: http://www.jeremybytes.com/Demos.aspx.

Direct Links:
PDF Walkthrough
Code Download -- Visual Studio 2010 (Silverlight 4)
Code Download -- Visual Studio 2008 (Silverlight 3)

I'll be presenting this topic at the upcoming So Cal Code Camp, October 23rd and 24th in Los Angeles, CA.  Hope to see you there!

Happy Coding!

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