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Event Spotlight: Software Design & Development 2024 (May 2024)

Software Design & Development 2024

Dates: May 13-17, 2024
Location: Barbican Centre, London

In just a few weeks, this will be my 6th time at SDD, and I'm looking forward to a great week. Register by Friday, April 26 to save a bit.

My Sessions 

I will be presenting 5 breakout sessions, plus a full-day workshop. There's a theme to my talks this year: techniques of abstraction in C#, and how to (hopefully) get it right.

Abstract Art: Getting Abstraction "Just Right"
Abstraction is awesome, and abstraction is awful. Let's look at some techniques to get it right for each application.

IEnumerable, ISaveable, IDontGetIt: Understanding C# Interfaces
Interfaces (one type of abstraction) are a way to make our code more flexible, maintainable, and testable. We'll use lots of code to explore these benefits.

Practical Reflection in C#
Reflection has lots of uses (some safe and some not so safe). We'll look at the dangers, and also some specific use cases that allow us to extend applications without recompiling.

DI Why? Getting a Grip on Dependency Injection
Dependency Injection (and the associated patterns) let us write loosely coupled code. And this can make our applications easier to maintain, extend, and test. We'll see how this is important by looking at lots of code.

LINQ - It's not Just for Databases
Language Integrated Query (LINQ) is one of my favorite things in C#. Most people think it's mainly for databases, but I use it all the time to filter, sort, and group data in my applications without going back to the data source.

Take Your C# Skills to the Next Level -- Full-day Workshop
Let's make our software easy to extend, change, and debug. Interfaces, dependency injection, delegates, and unit testing can get us there. You'll leave with practical experience you can apply to your own projects.

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Happy Coding!

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